Tagalog Songs By April Boys

April Boys are brothers in a band based in the Philippines. Their songs were popular around 1994/5, especially in Metro Manila. It was the time I recognised who they were by listening to their songs which were being played all the time. I guessed it was one of their hit songs, as people appreciated it and played it a lot. The fact that most of their songs performed on the stage are love songs is even nicer. Like this one “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Mamahalin” with lyrics or subtitles included on this video. The video presentation and the background are perfect together. I fell in love with the music then and it has not faded. The lyrics are well written, it’s beautiful, it seems so real when I listen to it. It’s romantic and people like romance.

The second video is called “Di Kita Ma-Reach” on YouTube, which I think was recorded more than a decade ago. I clearly remember that it came out at the same time as “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Mamahalin”. These songs were very popular and played all the time. Also provided on this video are the lyrics or subtitles in taglish meaning Tagalog and English. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is not wonderful, possibly because it was recorded a while ago, but it is still a great song. What I really like about this video is that the April Boys played the song themselves. One of the brothers, Vingo Regino, is the composer of the songs.

“Sana’y Tanggapin Ang Pag-ibig Ko” on YouTube is very similar to the “Di Kita Ma-Reach” video above with lyrics or subtitles included as well. Here you can see the April Boys singing the song. Sometimes you can see some actors on the background, which is normal for some videos; they portray themselves as actors. I would prefer to watch the real artists playing their songs than watching drama actors on video.

What I love all about these songs are the tunes and the lyrics that life is beautiful especially when you are in love.

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  1. flavoredtongue says:

    idol ko yan si april boy! pang masa!


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