RJ HOMES, The Appliance Plaza Inc.

RJ Homes Department Stores are located in various parts of Mindanao. Their branch in Kidapawan is one of the nearest to Davao City, which is the main products distributor for the area. Kidapawan used to be a small and quiet place; a long time ago we did not have many domestic appliance stores. During the eighties, as I remember, we only had the Emcor department store. However, now RJ Homes appliance store is here, competing with the rest of the near by stores like Imperial Plaza and other bigger department stores that also sell good selection of home appliances.

If you want to make some inquiries on a particular item, their website, www.rjhomes.com.ph, provides very useful hints and information to customers. Anything you want to know about their products you can always check their website for your particular part of Mindanao. Their website contains a lot of details including contact numbers of people in many places based in Mindanao, which is really useful given how inadequate some paper and online telephone directories are. If you fancy anything from the store you can call their help desk.

RJ Homes appliance store is a nice website. When I think about shopping online RJ Homes is one of my favourites. I like the way their website is designed and there are also many interesting details about various products to look at, which I really like. If there is anything you want to know, just browse the menu and you will quickly get more interesting details.

RJ Homes is located along Quezon Blvd., on the corner of Datu Ingkal St. in Kidapawan City.

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