Davao Central Warehouse Department Store in Kidapawan

Davao Central Warehouse shopping centre is a new department store in Kidapawan and it is a very popular among the locals. Christmas 2006 was the first time I noticed the place and I could not believe how many shoppers were there on that day; perhaps it was because Christmas is the time when a lot of people buy presents for their friends and family.

Davao Central WarehouseI think that one of the reasons why the store was really busy was that people like the idea of having a bigger shop with more space and more things to buy on the shelves. Most of all there is a larger choice and the quality of the goods is high. For example, in the clothing range for women they have an enormous collection and they have perfect sizes for slim ladies including denim jeans from well known brands. Take note that it is very good value for an original product made in the Philippines plus the fitting is really sexy, which I like a lot.

For men’s clothing there is no problem as there is a large selection. Since there are so many designs and styles you might not be very sure what you want. Davao Central Warehouse has an easy solution; ask one of the many helpful sales attendants for help in that department. They are very helpful and they can show you the various fittings and the style of their latest fashion designs.

What I like the most is the quality of the fabric and texture. It is really good I have no doubts about it even the time when I was just trying them on at the fitting room I had lots of fun trying on pairs of jeans. The jeans that I really fancy in the store is called RRJ, which is short for Rough Rider Jeans so I bought several pairs.

It would be nice if I could provide the actual website of the store but unfortunately I really couldn’t find the correct link; All I can provide here is some information that I know through my own experience and observations.

Down in the first floor of the building is the large supermarket. There are several cash register with built-in computers in each cash desk at the counter. If you wish to pay by credit card it is no problem as they also accept Visa credit cards, which makes life easier. I am very glad that I do not need to carry cash all the time. Every time I do some shopping at the Warehouse I just rely on my credit card because I know it will work without any problem. From now on I do not need to go to Davao as I would rather spend my money shopping in Kidapawan so that the money stays there. I like it here. I am proud that Kidapawan has bigger stores which have almost everything. It is so much easier and it saves a lot time not having to travel somewhere else.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat there is a foodcourt on the same floor. At the other end is a large furniture shop and a large household appliances store.

The whole building makes you feel really safe. The main entrance door is complete with security guards on standby for inspection. Upstairs there is also a security guard just to make sure everything is okay.

In order to go to Davao Central Warehouse just catch a tricycle; most tricycle drivers know where it is. The store is located on Quezon Boulevard, which is not quite in the centre of Kidapawan; from downtown you go past the NFA. If you wish to give some tips please do so; it is just a little something for the drivers and it makes them happy when you them extra.

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